Survival GEAR you NEED for the UNEXPECTED (YOUR RIG as a PLAN B)

Survival GEAR YOU NEED for the UNEXPECTED may have sounded like a crazy title two years ago. But, EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS has become a hot topic in the past year and few months. Many of us OVERLANDERS already have SURVIVAL GEAR on our OVERLAND RIGS. Most of it is essential CAMPING GEAR and EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT that we use on all of our OVERLAND 4×4 WILDERNESS ADVENTURES. Some of us take it for granted, while others may not even have thought of this GEAR. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, FOOD STORAGE, and SURVIVAL GEAR are- frankly- just a part of most people’s OVERLANDING kit.

Some refer to this GEAR YOU NEED as a BUG OUT BAG, a GO BAG, SURVIVAL KIT, or even “EVERY DAY CARRY” (EDC) bag. Regardless of what you call it, every OVERLANDER should think of their OVERLAND RIG as a “Plan B” when the UNEXPECTED EMERGENCY happens. We believe this mindset is crucial for the SURVIVAL of you and your family when the UNEXPECTED happens- regardless of whether it’s human-made or a wake-up call from mother nature. You should always BE PREPARED! #survival #gearyouneed #bugout
Water Purification:
First Aid:

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Black Propper Soft Shell Jacket:​​​​
Sun Glasses: Julbo Vermont Classic Glacier Sunglasses​​​​
Those Damn fine RhinoGear 12,000 Auto Ramps:​​​​
Communication: Garmin InReach Explorer Plus:​​​​
Communication: Yaesu Original FTM-400XDR HAM​​​​
Communication: Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio​​​​
Communication: Midland MXT400 40 W GMRS:​​​​
Storage: Roof Rack Storage Containers:​​​​
Recovery: MaxTrax Recovery Boards:​​​​
Recovery: Warn 87800 M8000-s Winch with Synthetic Rope:​​​​
Lights: KC HiLites – MEMBER DEALS (must log on as member):
Essential Gear
Tires: BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2​​​​
Tent: Gazelle T4 Camping Hub Tent (4-person):​​​​
Battery: NorthStar Ultra High-Performance Group 31 AGM Battery:​​​​

Mavic Pro Drone:​​​​
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR:​​​​
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens:​​​​
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Zoom Lens:​​​​
DJI Phone Camera Gimbal OSMO MOBILE:​​​​
Azden WHD-PRO Wireless/Shotgun Microphone Audio Kit:​​​​
Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder:​​​​
AZDEN EX503 Omni-Directional Lavaliere Microphones:​​​​
Pelican Air 1525 Case With Foam (Black):​​​​
Aputure Amaran LED Video Camera Light Panel 5500K:​​​​
Aputure Amaran On Camera LED Light:​​​​
Video Editing Software – Adobe Create Suite:​​

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10 Responses

  1. Great video with great advice, Mike. Things don’t always go with the plans and one must be able to react appropriately to the situation. I was fortunate to have received extensive training in emergency medicine and survival in the Air Force as an IDMT/Air Rescue Technician. I taught BuddyCare/Survival, EMT and CPR for AHA and the Red Cross. My Jeep SUV is one large survival kit with a comprehensive trauma kit I put together myself. Our bug out bags and get home bags have survival kits within the contents. The most important aspect of survival and providing medical assistance is training and practice. I’m proud to be a member of Overland Bound and with leaders like you this organization will only grow and prosper in experience.

  2. None of the GEAR WE USE section links work just fyi.

  3. “Adventure is just another word for trouble .” Louis L’Amour. 😊

  4. Guido K says:

    I hope we can enjoy the adventure soon….. greetings from The Netherlands during lock down and closed borders. All shops and restaurants are closed, only food stores are open and you are not allowed to step outside your door after 9 PM till 5 AM…….

  5. Hi, I am one of your fans and I have 1991 land cruiser, is it possible to find part 22270-61010 air control valve? I been searching for the part with no luck. If you advice I will appreciate it.

  6. Justin Welch says:

    Things just got serious. Let’s have each others back with whatever comes next.

  7. Robert Mock says:

    Good job Michael. Are you guys going to overland expo, in Colorado?

  8. Chris Galvin says:

    Very uplifting and inspirational love the video enjoy your adventures throughout this next year be safe

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